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Counseling Business Unit · human resource management Counseling

The Counseling human resource management is to use the theories and methods of human resource development and management to analyze the development and management of human resources in enterprises, find out the weak links and improve it, in order to promote enterprises to correctly and effectively develop human resources and reasonably and scientifically manage human resources, so as to create sustainable competitiveness for enterprises.

Counseling Business department · corporate culture training and Counseling

[Successful cases] improve the ability of general manager of 4S store

Training object: general manager of Dongfeng Nissan distributor

Training Location: Wuhan

Training Outline: background analysis of Chinese automobile industry; cognitive orientation of enterprise managers; win in management practice of five forces; three magic weapons of winning management

Teaching methods: Training teaching; Case sharing; Group discussion; Team activities

[Successful cases] service manager operation management ability improvement training

Training object: service manager of Dongfeng Nissan specialty store

Training Location: Wuhan

Training term: 2 days

Training Method: lecturer teaching

Project outline: Customer experience and word-of-mouth communication, Customer database management, Implementation of customer relationship management; Planning and implementation of precision service marketing activities; Application of service marketing skills

Teaching methods: Theoretical training; Case analysis; Scenario drill; Group discussion

Counseling Business department • lean production training and Counseling

Lean Production Management, based on the customer demand as the pull, with the elimination of waste and rapid response as the core, so that the enterprise with the least investment to obtain the best operation benefit, production management mode to improve the response speed to the market.

The lean production course independently developed by Soma automotive business school will improve the production and operation conditions of the Enterprise from the aspects of reducing costs, improving quality, improving delivery time, improving safety, enhancing morale, etc, to help enterprises to embark on a healthy road of production and operation.

Counseling Business department • quality management training and Counseling

Counseling Business Unit • marketing and after-sales training and Counseling

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Counseling Business Unit • benchmarking visit and study tour