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Channel inspection Business department • flight inspection

[Successful cases] SAIC Volkswagen hardware Image check

Check object: National VW and SKD distributors

Scope of verification: covering 1400 merchants nationwide

Check method: open inspection (recording, video recording, photo obtaining)

Key points of check: visit the store, the video must reflect the vehicles, check the whole process of video shooting, video evidence collection of bribery situation, check the sample back before 24 o'clock on the same day

[Successful cases] FAW Jiefang Image store check

Check object: FAW Jiefang Image store

Scope of inspection: Nationwide

Verification Method: open inspection (Video recording and photo obtaining)

[Successful cases] Chang'an Suzuki sales process mysterious customer survey

Respondents: Chang'an Suzuki distributor

Investigation scope: East China, South China, North China and Northwest China

Investigation method: Mysterious customers (recording and video recording throughout the course)

Survey contents: Telephone reception, Exhibition hall reception, Demand analysis, Product display, Test drive, Quotation negotiation, Customer off

Key points of investigation: Two or more people visit the store

[Successful cases] Dongfeng Yueda Kia after-sales process mysterious customer survey

Respondents: Dongfeng Yueda Kia distributor

Investigation scope: Hubei area

Investigation method: Mysterious customers (recording, video recording)

Investigation contents: Telephone appointment, Pick-up and inquiry, Evaluation time, Rest and waiting, Service delivery, Employee status, On-site environment, Tracking service

key points of investigation: Two or more people enter the store